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Dowty Seal Washers

Dowty Seal Washers also known as bonded seals available in many sizes please see our new listing, if you need more information on any of our products please contact me I may be able to help you. Contact Us

Dowty seal washers

Bonded Seals are also known as Dowty Seals Washers or Dowty Bonded Washers. They are high pressure seals used in the Mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic sectors.

Bonded Seals were originally designed to replace copper type washers used in high-pressure systems. They consist of a metal washer and an elastomeric ring bonded inside the diameter. The metal washer prevents over-compression and limits deformation of the elastomeric ring.

• Ideal Pressure Gasketing
• Reliable sealing at high & low pressure
• High & low temperature capability
• Reduced bolt torque with no loss of tightening loads
• Metal ring prevents rubber compression

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Imperial Nitrile Rubber O Rings 31.42mm ID

BPC Engineering also have a large stock of rubber O rings in stock in imperial and metric sizes.

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